[Video] Our Upcoming iOS App Update and Redesign

Early next week, we will release a redesigned iOS app experience. We’ve revamped our app to provide our iPad and iPhone users with a more modern, streamlined approach to using and sharing mobile forms. 

The new iOS app includes: 

new ios app goformz
  • Simplified navigation
    Locate and create forms faster with the new GoFormz Navigation Bar. Replacing our old dashboard and menu, the Navigation Bar provides seamless, rapid access to your forms and data via four simple icons. 
  • A fresh new look and feel
    With our new, modernized interface, the redesigned GoFormz iOS app provides a clean, intuitive user experience. 
  • Even more information
    The new iOS app provides further details regarding form history, metadata, Tags and more –– all just a tap away. 
  • Improved Form Actions
    Our optimized Form Actions menu allows for improved productivity, and rapid, real-time action. 

Ready to start exploring the new app? Watch this quick video to discover the changes and benefits you can anticipate.