ProTip: Automate Common Tasks to Expedite Data Capture

GoFormz has made life easier because forms don’t get lost anymore. We have the workflow setup that immediately, when a form is completed, comes over with a notification via email.
— James Crotty, Head of IT Services, Atlas Acon Electric Services
Automate common tasks with GoFormz

GoFormz helps teams in the office and out in the field capture better data, faster. One way this is accomplished is through the automation of common, time-consuming tasks. For example, GoFormz users leveraging the Box integration can automate the upload of completed forms to Box folders. 

Such automations have saved GoFormz users significant amounts of time, simplified collaboration and directly benefited their bottom-lines. Here are a few ways automating your manual tasks with GoFormz can optimize your data collection, sharing and processing:

Automated dispatch
Encourage efficiency and collaboration amongst your employees with easily dispatched documents and pre-filled fields. Pre-populating information (like client addresses, work descriptions, technician information, etc.) within mobile forms empowers your workforce to complete their paperwork faster, and more accurately. 

Instantaneous data integrations
Automatically upload completed mobile forms to Box, update Salesforce records and more, with turnkey integrations and GoFormz’ powerful API. 

Real-time sharing and notifications
GoFormz users can configure their Form Template to instantly share completed form PDFs to customer emails entered within a form field, other GoFormz users and send alerts (e.g. “A timesheet has been completed”).