ProTip: Easily Dispatched Pre-Filled Forms

Encourage efficiency and collaboration amongst your employees with easily dispatched documents and pre-filled fields. Pre-populating information (like client addresses, work descriptions, technician information, etc.) within mobile forms empowers your workforce to complete their paperwork faster, and more accurately. 

Often, forms require multiple contributors to be completed, and dispatching forms amongst teammates can significantly streamline this process. For example, the initial form user may simply enter administrative data to reduce jobsite data entry, and then dispatch the partially completed form to an onsite employee. One the onsite worker has completed their form responsibilities, they can then send that for to a supervisor for approval or sign offs. No manual hand-ins or waiting necessary.

Interested in automatically dispatching pre-filled documents? Below we’ve detailed each simple step:

Manage template events to automatically dispatch pre-filled forms to teammates

Select Your Template
Make your way to the Templates Tab and select your desired template, and the Template Editor will launch. 

Create Your Trigger
Click Manage Events in the upper right-hand corner of the editor, the Manage Template Events window will open. 

Within the window, click Add Trigger, to either create a new event or select an existing event to act as the Trigger.

To configure your Trigger, select your User (whoever will be starting the automation, the first person to touch the form) and the triggering action, within the When This Happens dropdown. This action will prompt the automated dispatch.

This example  Trigger  is completed when a “Field Tech completes a form”. 

This example Trigger is completed when a “Field Tech completes a form”. 

Select Your Desired Outcome
Under the Do The Following dropdown, select Transfer and the user or group you would like the form transferred to (e.g. a supervisor, a field tech, etc.). This form will appear as a draft in their account. 

Hit [Save]