GoFormz for Aviation: Reach New Heights With Mobile Forms

In-Flight digital forms help your fleet take off faster

Conquer the skies (and your paperwork) with simple, shareable mobile forms. A career in Aviation is coupled with a significant amount of procedural paperwork — securely expedite document completion with digital forms, to get your fleet in the air faster and compliantly. 

From MEL’s to training manuals, digitizing your Aviation forms ensures:

  • Information is entered efficiently 
  • Operators and pilots have completed their documents
  • Procedures are carefully followed and documented

The following GoFormz features empower your airline personnel to rapidly and compliantly complete FAA documents and prepare for takeoff: 

Capture crew member signatures on aviation forms for future audits
  • Signature Fields: With Signature fields, keep explicit documentation of who approved documents and the personnel involved in relevant paperwork or procedure — keeping precise records for safety audits and compliance reviews. (ProTip: Make Signatures Required)
  • Required Fields: Guarantee pilots, mechanics and crew members enter every field completely before submitting. This feature ensures safety procedures are carefully followed, and eliminates the need to retrospectively enter data. 
  • Checklists: Easily complete and document tasks with Checkboxes
  • Pre-Populated Frequent Information: Quickly enter frequent flight information (e.g. common flight paths, crew member details or aircraft data) with pre-filled field data.
  • Automatic Routing: Instantly send completed documents to supervisors, crew members or operators with automatic routing. 
  • Instantly Available Data: Immediately access submitted documents and data, so you can get your team in the air, faster. 
  • Extra Credit: Accompany fields with a Timestamp, for future reference and audits.