ProTip: See Your Active Users First with the ‘Enabled’ Button

Managing your team just got even easier. Rather than scroll through an entire list of users, you can now apply a filter to view Enabled users first. 

Use Case: Say you manage an account comprised of 50+ users — identifying a specific user can take some time, which is even harder if you’re also searching through the users you’ve Deactivated in the past. By clicking the ‘Enabled’ button, you can see your enabled users listed first, simplifying user identification. 

Follow the instructions below, and learn how you can sort through your own account users.

Sorting users by ‘Enabled’:

  1. Login to your account at from a computer
  2. Click your first name (in the upper right hand corner of your window)
  3. From the dropdown, select ‘Users & Groups
  4. Click the icon next to ‘Enabled’, which you’ll see above your user list, to view Enabled users first
  5. Or, click the icon again to view Deactivated users first
Filter enabled users

How can I enable/deactivate users?

You’ll recognize an Enabled user by a blue toggle in the right position (versus a deactivated user with a gray toggle in the left position). Enabling and deactivating users as an admin is easy: 

  1. Locate the user you wish to edit
  2. In your index of users, toggle to Enable or Deactivate 
  3. When prompted to confirm, click Yes


  1. Locate the user you wish to edit
  2. Click the username
  3. Toggle to Enable or Deactivate the user
  4. When prompted to confirm, click Yes

To learn more about GoFormz user management, be sure to read 'Account Management 101'.