Your Guide to Designing Online Forms

Congratulations! You’ve decided to finally ditch your paper forms. Digitizing your forms is an important first step towards improving your operational efficiencies, and saving serious time and money. 

GoFormz helps you digitize your forms and documents, creating identical, digital versions you can use on your phones, tablets and computers. You don’t even need an existing paper form to get started, simply: 

  • Use ‘List View’ (an app like index of fields, perfect for small screens)
  • Use one a GoFormz Starter Form
  • Design a new form of your own!

If you choose to design your own Online Form, there are several key opportunities to keep in mind: 

Digital fields for Online Forms
  • Consider new data types
    From Maps to Images, Online Forms can host a variety of information paper just can’t handle.
  • Design with a digital user in mind
    There are many differences in the way we interact with our digital devices and more manual resources (like paper forms). For example, it’s best to create larger Signature boxes for Online Forms, to make signature capture easier on devices and computers. 
  • Leverage the digital advantages of online forms
    Can paper forms deliver themselves? Online forms can. Be sure to harness the powerful digital potential of digital forms, by enriching your forms and processes with Automated Workflows –– instantaneously delivering captured data to the people and platforms (like Salesforce, ServiceMax, Box and more) that need it most. 
  • Remember to optimize for smaller devices
    While your newly designed form may work great on computers and tablets, keep in mind that smaller devices can benefit from a strategically designed List View. GoFormz List View presents your fields in an app-like index, which can be accessed by simply toggling to List View mode at the bottom of your screen. Your List View can be specifically organized into Tabs and Sections to ease data entry. For example, grouping ‘Employee Contact’ information and ‘Project Images’ within separate Tabs.