ProTip: Work Faster with the 'Speech-to-Text' Feature

Click the 'dictation' icon to begin 'speech to text'

Tired of typing? One of the many benefits of using mobile forms is the ability to leverage native device features to help get your work done efficiently. One such advantage is the ‘Speech-to-Text’ feature, made possible by your mobile device. 

‘Speech-to-Text’ empowers users to sidestep typing lengthy descriptions, by simply dictating their text to their phone. Follow along with the steps below, to get started using ‘Speech-to-Text’ to fill out your Form’s Text fields:

  1. Login to the GoFormz App, and select the Form you wish to fill out
  2. When the Form loads, select the field you’d like to fill out via ‘Speech-to-Text’
  3. Click the dictation icon (the microphone) from your keyboard (the first time, your phone may prompt you to enable dictation, if so, click ‘Yes’)
  4. Speak what you would like written in your Form field
  5. Click the dictation icon (the microphone) once more, to end dictation

Easy, right? Now you can fill out Form fields by simply speaking into your phone. 

Please note: some iOS, Android and Windows devices will display and/or name this feature differently. Please reach out to us at if you have any questions about how to use this feature.

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