The Covert Costs of Paper

Have you read our latest Medium article? 'The Covert Costs of Paper' walks readers through the frequent, often hidden costs of using paper in their daily workflows and how digitizing their documents and data can remedy paper-based detriments. 

paper forms waste your time and budget. 
Paper-based workflows and documentation drastically hinder efficiencies, communication and overall professionalism, while negatively impacting your business’ budget. Worst of all, paper documents provide little to no options to regulate data entry and cannot ensure the thorough, error-free capture of vital project information… meaning the data you’ve struggle to hand-record, re-key and store, might not even be usable.

Don't waste another dime on paper and manual processing. Click below to read the full Medium article, or explore our Customer page for more examples of how GoFormz can save you serious time and money.