6 Mobile Forms Field Teams Need

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Whether you’re a seasoned GoFormz user or new to the platform, it’s easy to understand how paper forms can result in additional obstacles and errors for field teams. Paper documents not only demand time consuming, manual data entry, but also require hand-delivery, retroactive data entry, frequent corrections, protection from the elements… and the list goes on.

To put it simply, paper forms cannot handle the unpredictable, hands-on nature of fieldwork and remote locations. Enter, mobile forms.

Using GoFormz, field teams can rapidly enter project data, straight from their phone or tablet (even without a signal!). Because forms are digital, they can be instantly routed to key-players or other business systems, for processing. Additionally, using mobile forms there is no fear of form damage, illegible handwriting or missing documents. Leveraging these features, mobile forms extend the ease and advantages of digital tools to field teams, simplifying their data collection so they can focus on their projects, not their paperwork. 

Ready to digitally bolster your field teams? Here are six fantastic mobile forms our users’ field teams love: 

Digital Quotes allow field teams to rapidly enter (and even pre-populate) user, customer and service information, directly from their device. Leveraging the ability to instantly generate Quotes on-site, field teams can strike while the iron is hot, securing business opportunities while prospective clients are interested. 

Job Site Safety Form
Job sites can be unpredictable — take the proper precautions to ensure your team is aware of any potential hazards or risks to compliance. Digital Job Site Safety forms help keep field teams safe with easy to complete Checkboxes, Required fields and easy to add digital Signature boxes. Users can even document hazards using Image fields and GPS!

Inspection Form
Digital Inspection forms make job site, product and project inspections a breeze. With pre-populated user information, field teams no longer need to waste time filling out repetitive, monotonous information within each form. Using Sketch fields, annotate inspection Image fields to highlight details or areas of concern. 

Service Report
Empower your field teams to quickly record service details (like GPS location, Time/Date, or client contact information) and rapidly route their report to the back-office for processing. Expedited completion and routing enables teams to more rapidly provide service information to customers (via auto-routed copies of forms to input customer emails), address project needs and process invoicing. 

Improve payroll record-keeping with simple and accurate digital Timesheets. With Automated Calculations embedded in Timesheet fields, entered shift information is always accurate. By applying simple logic within your forms, form creators can easily track and manage overtime hours worked. 

Providing customers with accurate, timely Invoices has never been easier. Digital Invoices allow field teams to instantly route copies of project Invoices to customers, detailing work completed and associated costs. With Automated Calculations, Required Signatures and Automated Workflows, Invoices are always prompt, professional and completely accurate. 

For more information on how GoFormz can digitally transform your field team, check out our Forms at the Front Line article below. 

Forms at the Front Line
Front line teams often are not extended the digital tools leveraged by their back office counterparts, resulting in a troublesome chasm in communication and collaboration. This chasm between front and backend workforces results in financial, time and communicative consequences, that directly impact your bottomline. Fortunately, smart mobile forms are a key solution to bridging that gap — click below to read our full coverage of "Forms in the Front Line".