3 Use Cases for HVAC Pros

From plumbing, to heating and cooling, successful HVAC teams demand a consistent balance of efficiency, accuracy and client care. Are your paper forms getting the job done? 

To help you better understand how mobile forms can strengthen your HVAC workflow and services, we’ve collected three frequent GoFormz HVAC use cases, you can also benefit from.

  • Improved client-facing accountability
    Slow response times, sloppy paperwork and delayed processing lead to customer frustration and miscommunications. Don’t settle for paper-based client care. With mobile forms, HVAC documents can be easily completed, submitted and shared with clients and other key-players — saving valuable time and significantly improving client relations.
  • Decreased demands, major savings
    Digital forms reduce administrative demands drastically. By eliminating the need for manual data entry and delivery, scanning, rekeying, faxing, and more, HVAC teams can save valuable time… time better spent identifying opportunities and completing projects. These time savings ultimately lead to drastic financial savings (largely from reduced physical resource needs), directly benefiting your bottomline. 
  • Digital routing, incredible time savings
    HVAC is a mobile business, relying on the efficiency of field teams to not only complete projects, but also deliver crucial project paperwork and data. This time spent delivering manual forms is incredibly wasteful, demanding further time and financial investments to power said deliveries. With mobile forms, these demands are easily eliminated, allowing users to digitally submit their forms, which are instantly available to the back-office. Forms can also be automatically routed to supervisors, clients, partners and more via automated workflows and real-time sharing. 

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