Improve Workplace Safety with GoFormz

Jobsite inspection form includes new data types and field properties to improve compliance

Keeping your business safe (and thriving) means prioritizing workplace safety. With paper forms, this can be difficult to do — paper forms delay job safety processes, risk safety procedure documentation errors, and more. 

GoFormz not only eliminates common, paper-based errors and obstacles… but also increases jobsite visibility, company communications and compliance documentation. The cherry on top? GoFormz makes job safety documentation and data entry even easier than paper forms. Here’s how: 

  • New data types increase visibility
    Paperforms just can’t handle the data job safety and compliance documentation need. GoFormz mobile forms can host a plethora of powerful field types (like Images, Maps, Sketches, and more), significantly increasing jobsite visibility and adding rich, visual context to safety data. 
  • Real-time data means real-time action
    Waiting for the delivery of paper-based job safety forms and compliance-centric data is counter-intuitive. GoFormz empowers your team to note and address hazards and concerns in real-time. Once data is entered into mobile forms, it can be instantly reviewed, reported on, and shared— allowing for instant analysis and action.
  • Flexibility to evolve job safety processes
    Just like your business, job safety processes and preventative plans rapidly change. Digital forms and documents allow for frequent edits and instant implementation. 
  • Field Properties help guide user behavior
    Paper-based forms make human error inevitable. With GoFormz, Template fields can be enriched with modified properties, guiding user behavior. For example, to ensure job safety forms have been signed by the appropriate users before submission, Signature fields can be made Required.
  • Easy to use fields simplify accident prevention
    It’s no secret, there are other digital form solutions out there… but not all solutions were created equal. Because GoFormz makes forms easy to use and share, accident prevention and compliance is simplified. For example, GoFormz Checkbox Groups detailing specific job safety steps can be easily completed and reviewed, while other solutions force users into rigid, counterintuitive workflows.

Ready to elevate your team’s compliance and safety procedures? Click here for more information of mobile Job Safety Analysis forms.