[Video] GoFormz Workflows Improve Data Capture

In today’s fast-paced, digital world, accurate data is crucial to any operation. When using manual data capture tools, like paper forms and physical filing resources, collecting valuable data can be extremely difficult. Data collected within paper forms and static PDFs is often inaccurate, incomplete, and subject to a variety of manual obstacles and delays – resulting in wasted time and budget.

Using mobile forms, data can be captured, routed, and processed in real-time, producing more accurate, timely business insights. By connecting your mobile forms to your other critical business apps (like Salesforce, Procore, Autodesk, ServiceMax, and more) your digital forms can act as the data capture front end of your business. Using GoFormz Workflows, your team is no longer burdened with delivering, sanitizing, or storing forms and data – these tasks are automated and instantly completed for you. Each mobile form can be equipped with business logic, allowing users to efficiently pre-process data before instantly routing information to integrated apps and databases. These automatic actions result in more accurate, timely data, without adding to your to do list.

To learn more about what GoFormz Workflows can help your business accomplish, check out our workflow overview video, or reach out to your account manager.

Example use cases

  • Completed forms and images can be instantly routed to a dynamically created folder hierarchy within your cloud storage, maintaining an orderly digital filing cabinet for your documents.

  • Collected data can be instantly piped to your business systems and apps, creating and updating records in those apps as needed.

  • Forward data to a database, where it can be used however you want. For instance, you can connect a business intelligence tool to that database and use it to gain insights from the collected data.

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