Integrate Your Mobile Forms with Smartsheet

Smartsheet is a project tracking and collaboration platform, used to manage work processes, input project details, and empower stakeholders. The Smartsheet platform provides a structured view of information, allowing teams to monitor each element of a project – from tracking sales leads to managing field inspections.

Information is displayed in Sheets, a spreadsheet format that can also be presented in Gantt, card, grid, and calendar views, allowing work to be visualized more flexibly. Within Sheets you can add attachments, comments, notifications, start and end dates, project status, task assignments, and much more.

Integrate your GoFormz mobile forms with Smartsheets

Integrating your GoFormz mobile forms with Smartsheet allows teams to instantly update and create rows within a Sheet directly from their mobile device — as well as attach form Images, form PDF copies and more. This not only streamlines and centralizes project data collection, but also allows for the pre-processing of work data. Here are just a few of the benefits of using GoFormz as the data capture front end for your Smartsheet projects:

Pre-process data in mobile forms to increase Smartsheet accuracy
Leverage dynamic mobile form features (like Automatic Calculations, Required fields, validation rules, auto-filled Database fields, etc.) to enforce business rules and to make sure that your data is accurate and complete before it reaches Smartsheet.

Automate your data capture processes
Generate a new form based on a Smartsheet event (like when a new row is added or when the status of a task changes), then automatically assign the form to the right person and pre-fill it with data from a Sheet row.

Establish approval flows
GoFormz lets you transfer forms to other users, at the tap of a button or as part of an Automatic Workflow. For example, you may want supervisor approval before a new row is added to your expense report Sheet.

Collect Smartsheet data while offline
The GoFormz offline data capture functionality empowers your teams to continue their work no matter their location or signal. Data can be captured within mobile forms offline and routed to Smartsheet once a signal becomes available. Smartsheet can even be kept in sync in real-time using an offline enabled Data Source.

Update multiple Sheets with a single form
Data collected with a single GoFormz form can update multiple Sheets and an individual form field can update several fields across a Sheet. For example, a customer address entered into a mobile work order can update several relevant Sheets with the new customer information.

To learn more about integrating your mobile forms with Smartsheet (available to Premier tier accounts) contact Professional Services.