ProTip: Optimizing Signature Fields

The signature field is a critical part of many forms, and it adds a level of formality.  Here are some tips to consider when including a signature field on your form:

1.  Set a signature field as required. This enforces that a user must sign and approve the form before submitting it as complete. 

2.  You may want to use the Author Only setting.  When you use this setting, only the original author of the form can edit the field.  

3.  Check out our new feature - Clear On Form Edit. This feature will create a setting to automatically delete a previous signature if someone reopens a draft version of the form to make edits.  This is a good way to ensure that if additional edits are made to a draft, the user must re-approve and sign before marking it as complete.

4. Oversize your signature fields. Make sure that the signature field's dimensions are set so that it stands out and clearly looks like a signature box. 

Start using the signature fields in GoFormz, and sign away!