Capturing Real Time Data with GoFormz Mobile Forms

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The traditional method of using paper forms can often take days or weeks to process, collate, and analyze the data.  It is an inefficient workflow that is also quite vulnerable to human error and unpredictable lag times.

For example, if a field technician goes into the office twice a week to drop off his paper reports, the office then has to sort, file, and input the data in the appropriate data-systems based on his infrequent timeline. By the time the data is fully processed, it is likely going to be a week or two old. Hence, decision makers and supervisors will be making their decisions off of weeks-old field data.

When you use a mobile form to capture data in the field, all of the data is available as soon as the field operative presses save. The office can even set up alerts for when this information comes through, for instant notification. You can also set up workflows in the cloud-based platform to automate the flow of data, ensuring that it goes into the appropriate databases and backend systems.

Overall, when using a mobile form, your company as a whole becomes more efficient and agile. Operational teams are working with real time data so educated decisions are easy to come by, and field operatives are more efficient with their time and data collected. The company can make faster, more informed and more agile business decisions.