ProTip: Include Indicator Arrows on Your Sketch Fields and Images

Use Indicator Arrows to annotate your mobile forms’ sketch fields and images. They are a great way to highlight areas of interest on your photos. Indicator Arrows are easy to add...just follow these steps!

First, open your form that includes a sketch field. We are using a Visual Inspection Form in our example.

Tap on one of the sketch fields and the menu box will pop up. Tap on the camera icon to either take a photo or include one from your current photo library.

To add an Indicator Arrow, select the icon to the right of the camera button. The following menu should appear:

Select the Arrow icon and specify its color and size. Hide the menu by simply tapping on any area outside of the menu box.

To move the arrow in the position desired, drag your finger across the image and the arrow will automatically appear. 

Once you have positioned the arrow, press [Done] located on the top right of the sketch field menu.

The arrow makes highlighting points of interest on your form easy!