Mobile Form Spotlight: Vehicle Inspection

A Vehicle Inspection form on an ipad or android device (or really, any smartphone or tablet device) empowers you to capture more information and in greater detail than on a paper form.  As a mobile form, the vehicle inspection form quickly captures visual information, highly accurate numeric and text details, and has built-in workflow and routing that streamlines your record keeping process.

  • Text and Number fields are used to capture specific details of the vehicle needed for record keeping such as a VIN number.
  • Sketch fields allow the inspector to visually reference points of interest by simply drawing over a 4-angle car diagram.
  • Image fields allow for photos to be added on the form for a visual record of any damage, wear and tear, etc.
  • Once the form is properly filled out, the inspector can type in a few quick notes, sign, date and complete the form. An automatic workflow can email a copy of this form to the appropriate party.