Reduce the Administrative Burden with Mobile Forms

It is now easier than ever to make the switch to a paperless system for both the administrative office and the folks in the field. Many people assume that a paperless system (using mobile forms instead of paper forms) primarily serves just the needs of the field technicians, however, what they may not realize is that the administrative team can benefit greatly as well. From what our customers have said, administrative teams also see many benefits from switching to a paperless system. Here are some key GoFormz benefits that back office and administrative teams have shared with us:

1.     Forms don’t get lost, and the office can see what’s happening in the field in real time: Keeping track of all the paper forms filled out during each appointment is difficult. Forms can easily be misplaced or destroyed while the technician travels between appointments. With Mobile Forms, the information that field technicians collect is captured digitally and is available in real time for the administrative team to process. Plus, since the data is all digital, storage (and paper supplies!) costs are greatly reduced.

2.     Efficiency and reduction of mindless paperwork and data entry: Re-entering data from your paper forms into a administrative system is time consuming and inefficient. By using mobile forms, the information is automatically stored within the cloud and can be instantly routed to the appropriate office software systems upon completion. It removes the need for mindless data-entry.

3.     Faster, Reliable & Complete Data: Paper forms can’t enforce employees to fill out all the information in the form; incomplete paper forms are often submitted. With mobile forms, you can specify that certain fields are required, so employees must fill them out before a form can be completed. With conditional logic and auto-calculations, more accurate data is captured on the forms, faster. Also, since mobile forms can include GPS and image fields, there is no need for extra devices like a camera. With Mobile Forms, you keep all the information in one location (the form) rather than in different files.