Move Away from The Static PDF File

Is your data still stuck on static PDF files and you are wondering how to get started using a mobile forms system instead? GoFormz can help. With GoFormz you just upload an existing PDF file and transform it into a ‘smart’ mobile form. Seems too easy to be true? Read how here.

Goformz Smart Mobile Forms

Once you have your form on a mobile device like an iPad or other smartphone or tablet, you can add the ‘smarts’ to it. Adding calculations and conditional logic to your form is a way to ensure more accurate and better data. With GoFormz Smart Mobile Forms you move away from archaic, error-prone paper form processes and towards the modern era of automation and digital innovation. Using static PDF files that you email around or save on a hard drive is almost as outdated and inefficient as using paper forms.

Smart Mobile forms help both the customer-facing and operational sides of your business improve efficiencies, streamline processes and deliver more value.

If you haven’t seen it already, check out our free eBook: 7 Reasons Why Smart Mobile Forms are Better Than Fillable PDFs.