Spotlight Form: Model Photoshoot Release Form

A model release form is generally used to record permission to photograph an individual and permission to publish the photos. These types of 'release' forms are essentially short-form contracts that capture details of two parties, and usage rights. 

Our model release form is readily available on a photographer's smartphone or iPad (or other tablet device), and is easily filled out at a photoshoot. You can include headshots of the models directly on the form so you can easily put a face to a name on the same document. Workflow logic in the form will always save a copy of the form to a secure Cloud platform such as, and can automatically email a copy to the signer. This form also has dynamic fields that ensure proper consent information is captured (if the model is under 18, then a parent will need to fill out their section). And of course, the form has a required signature field.

Model Release Form
  • Auto-email Workflow: Automatically email a copy of the form. Send copies to the model, parent, and others if necessary.
  • Dynamic Fields: These fields only appear if activated when specific values are entered in other fields. In this form, if ‘Age’ is less than 18, then the Parent/Guardian section becomes editable and required.
  • GPS Field: Capture the location of the photoshoot for added detail, and include a map.
  • Image Fields: Include a headshot(s)of the model, either by uploading them or taking the photo in real-time. This particularly useful when taking photos of many individuals during a photoshoot - it helps the photographer instantly organize whose signature goes with which model.
  • Signature Fields: To guarantee consent from model/signer, capture a signature in order to complete the form.

A model release form on your tablet device or smartphone is a great Image field use case, and an essential for all professional photographers - never worry about missing a photo opportunity again because you forgot your form!