3 Benefits of Our Egnyte Integration

Our integration with Egnyte helps teams streamline their form storage via automated, dynamic features. With Egnyte acting as your digital filing cabinet, GoFormz mobile forms can be easily stored within corresponding folders, resulting in a variety of end-user benefits. Here are three benefits of leveraging our Egnyte integration:

  1. Automate form processing and storage

    With GoFormz workflows, instantly route forms to corresponding Egnyte folders based on data input into your forms. This automation eliminates the need for back-office filing, saving your team time.

  2. Centralize record-keeping

    Storing your completed mobile forms in Egnyte effortlessly centralizes record-keeping, allowing teams to store and access their forms from the field – no manual-handoffs required!

  3. Reduce administrative overhead

    With no need for physical storage resources, like filing cabinets and printing supplies, GoFormz mobile forms and Egnyte quickly reduce administrative overhead. A big bonus for your bottom-line.

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