4 Digital Form Features for Concrete Contractors

From residential projects to high volume concrete pours, concrete contractors rely on job site data and documentation to complete quality projects on schedule, accurately, and safely. Mobile forms are a powerful tool for construction teams of all company sizes and disciplines, allowing teams to collect data within a familiar interface, and route it in real-time to teams in the back-office. Real-time data access enables construction teams to not only improve efficiencies, but also increase job site transparency, streamline client communications, and address project concerns faster.

When selecting your mobile forms solution, it is critical that your digitized concrete contractor forms are fully functional offline, and provide the dynamic, digital features your field teams need. Let’s dive into a few especially helpful digital form features, for concrete contractors:

Field logic (Dynamic Field Properties, Conditional Logic & Automatic Calculations)
Using simple logic within your concrete contractor form fields helps guide and enforce data entry. With Conditional Logic and Dynamic Field Properties, teams can dynamically apply discounts or regional sales tax amounts, alter a field’s visibility, make a field required, change a field’s background color, and more. With Automatic Calculations, instantly and accurately complete totals, no manual math required.

Digital Signatures
Rapidly capture project authorizations, customer sign-offs, and safety exercise approvals, with digital Signature boxes. You can even make Signature fields Required, ensuring critical authorizations are input prior to form submission.

Image fields
Easily include and annotate job site Images within your digital concrete contractor forms. Image fields easily improve your team’s job site transparency, project communication, and attention to detail – without the need for cumbersome cameras and awkward form attachments.

Automated Workflows
Equip your mobile concrete contractor forms with automated form actions to streamline data collection, routing, and processing. Automated Workflows can trigger automated emails to contact lists (with completed form PDFs attached), dynamic form record-keeping, instant form Tagging, and more.

Automated Workflows can even push-and-pull data between your mobile forms and integrated applications. These workflows allow your team to instantly save completed form PDFs to project records, update spreadsheets and databases, dispatch forms pre-filled with data, and more. Input form images can even be saved to project subfolders – further simplifying record-keeping.

These powerful digital form features have helped real GoFormz customers improve the way they work. SiteMix, an Atlanta based concrete producer, used GoFormz to digitize their concrete contractor forms collection, leading to a savings of 50-75 hours per month. Leveraging Conditional Logic, SiteMix’s forms automatically enforce industry-standard formatting, and Automatic Calculations ensure that billing totals are rapidly and accurately completed.

GoFormz takes so much work off of our administrators, and eliminating the paper forms saves us thousands of dollars. GoFormz easily saves me 50-75 hours per month that would otherwise be spent just on office personnel tasks.
— Dale Henderson

Construction teams around the globe rely on GoFormz to collect, route, and process critical project data. Explore more of our construction customer case studies, to hear firsthand how GoFormz has helped field teams save money, work faster, and stay safe.