Customer Story: Schenk Tanktransport

Industry: Transportation
Customer Since: April 2014
Forms: Driver Observation Forms, Activity Forms

About Schenk Tanktransport
Established in 1925, Schenk Tanktransport is a dynamic and specialized international tank transport company servicing the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and Poland. With over 1,400 employees, Schenk Tanktransport continues to grow and establish themselves as market leaders, while continuing to prioritize their values of Safety First, Expertise, Innovation and being a Family-Owned Business.

In the time that we have been using GoFormz, we have saved tens of thousands of Euros.
— Robin Coertjens, QHSSE Employee and Security Advisor, Schenk Tanktransport

Challenge: Schenk Tanktransport sought a mobile forms solution to streamline and improve their inefficient and time-consuming driver observation procedure – from form completion to processing.

Solution: Schenk Tanktransport digitized their driver observation forms using GoFormz, eliminating the need for their problematic paper versions and accelerating form completion, processing, and storage.

Schenk Tanktransport uses mobile forms to streamline their driver observation process


  • Expedited the driver observation process, while maintaining data accuracy

  • Centralized all observations, allowing management to run quick and insightful reports

  • Automated mobile form routing so that documents are delivered to appropriate personnel as soon as they are filled out and completed

  • Improved customer visibility - they can now easily check a driver’s observation history

ROI & Benefits
Schenk Tanktransport now relies on GoFormz for many of their data capture needs, with over 30 form templates, including several that are used on a day-to-day basis. Each form is routed to the appropriate email addresses and entered into the appropriate database, giving management far greater visibility into field operations. Reports are generated based on this data, allowing the Schenk Tanktransport team to make more informed business decisions. And where necessary this added transparency has been passed through to customers, increasing customer satisfaction.

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