3 Benefits of Our Smartsheet Integration

Our integration with Smartsheet enables teams to streamline and automate the collection and management of project data. Leveraging the GoFormz app, Smartsheet users can collect data within their mobile forms while offline, allowing teams to gather critical project information no matter their location.

  • Increase Smartsheet data accuracy
    Utilize simple form logic to enforce data capture rules and procedures. Your digitized forms can be easily equipped with Required fields, skip-logic, Drop Downs, and additional Dynamic Field Properties – effortlessly guiding input and increasing the accuracy of data uploaded to Smartsheet.

  • Automate project management
    Instantly and dynamically attach PDFs of completed documents and images input into mobile forms, to Smartsheet rows. Automating the centralization and organization of project documents empowers users to update projects in real-time, straight from their mobile devices.

  • Collect data offline
    Data collection shouldn’t stop just because your WiFi does. GoFormz mobile forms are fully functional offline, allowing integration users to collect data no matter their location, and update Smartsheet records once a signal becomes available.

To learn more about the Smartsheet integration check out this blog post, or explore our entire collection of integrations here.