Fully Functional Offline Mobile Forms & Data Capture

When selecting a mobile forms and data capture platform, teams working in the field are often faced with a frustrating hurdle: the need for offline data capture when working in remote areas without a signal. The ability to capture field data no matter the circumstances is a common reason for form digitization, as paper forms are often damaged, lost, or simply illegible, when completed in the field. However, many digital form platforms only provide a sampling of available offline features, drastically limiting data capture capabilities and nullifying any digital advantages.

Using GoFormz mobile forms to collect field data enables your team to work offline in the field, without losing functionality. GoFormz users have full access to powerful features like Data Sources, collections of data that can be references to instantly fill form fields based on input data. Similarly, form fillers can capture new data types offline, like Images, and Sketches.

Once data is input into your digital form, it is saved and then synced to your GoFormz account once a signal becomes available. Arming your team with mobile forms that are fully functional offline allows your operation to operate seamlessly and efficiently, no matter their signal strength – reducing disruptions and accelerating remote field data collection.

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