3 NEW Ways to Optimize Your Form’s List View

What is list view?
Each of your mobile forms will have two viewing modes – List View and Form View. While Form View looks exactly like your existing forms (only digital), List View displays your form fields in an app-like, index. This ‘index’ of fields provides a small screen optimized user experience. Users can toggle between the two viewing modes by selecting List View or Form View from the menu bar in the app.

Template editor list view editor

You can configure your form’s List View in the Template Editor. When your form loads in the Template Editor, you will see two tabs at the top of the window: Form and List. Select the List tab, and you will see all of your form fields listed within a Section. This is where we’ll begin to optimize our list view – here are 3 new ways you can do so:

Add new fields to only List View
On the left-hand side of your List View editor window, you will see the Template Fields panel, from which you can drag and drop additional Sections (in which to organize your fields) and new fields. This is a new feature to our List View editor, previously your field selections would be limited to those already placed in your Form View.

Delete fields to further customize your List View
Also new to the List View editor is the ability to delete fields from only your Form’s List view. This functionality makes it far easier to customize your two views. Now, with the ability to remove fields from List View, form creators can customize each viewing mode to simply host the fields best used in that view. For example, if form fillers reported it was much easier to complete specific Tables or tasks in Form View.

Auto-build to expedite List View creation
If you plan to place the same form fields on both form views, the easiest way to populate your List View is via Auto Build. Auto Build instantly fills your List View with every field placed in Form View. Just click Auto Build and then organize your fields in Sections and Pages as you see fit!

ProTip: Keep Sections and Pages organized and easy to navigate, by changing their names to something straightforward and descriptive, in the Properties panel.

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