3 Things You Can Only Do With GoFormz

When it comes to mobile apps, you’ve got options.... but when it comes to mobile forms, there’s really only one solution. GoFormz accomplishes more for your data and processing than other mobile form platforms can — check out 3 things you can only do with GoFormz:

  1. Preserve the exact look & structure of your original forms
    No redesign, restructuring or retraining required — GoFormz creates identical, digital versions of your existing forms. Other digital form platforms force you to completely recreate your form, eliminating user familiarity and disrupting your workflow. With GoFormz, your mobile forms are familiar, efficient and powerful.
  2. Small screen optimization (Form vs. List View)
    If you’re using mobile forms, chances are you’re using mobile devices — so shouldn’t your mobile forms adapt to your devices? Other form providers restrict your data entry to one view (usually an inflexible list of fields), but at GoFormz we aim to strike a balance between efficient, seamless data entry, and beautiful, client-ready form outputs. 

    Using GoFormz you can create and toggle between two views: Form and List View. Form View looks exactly like your original forms, presenting a professional, client-ready document, familiar to users. List View is optimized for smaller screens, presenting an organized, customizable index of your form fields, perfect for quick data entry on your mobile devices. Want to use both views? No sweat, easily toggle between Form and List View as you please!
  3. Convert your forms… without stretching your wallet
    Other form providers not only ask you to redesign your forms, retrain your staff and revise your workflows — but also push your budget. GoFormz is the most affordable (and fastest) way to digitize your forms, data and processes.