3 Times That Capturing Data Offline Saved the Day

We’ve all been there—cruising through our work, nearly finished with a project...when suddenly the internet gives out. All your data and all your work...gone.

When we set out to develop a mobile forms solution, we knew that we needed a platform that allows for unpredictable internet conditions. Many of our customers work on jobsites where wifi is a rare treat—but to-do lists and job demands don’t stop when our signal does, and neither does GoFormz. Here are 3 great examples of how capturing data offline with GoFormz saved the day:


1. Run Energy is a wind energy O&M service partner that provides operations, maintenance, installation, and technical services for wind turbines. With technicians frequently working in remote locations, paper forms had to be faxed and manually entered into QuickBase, a time-consuming process. With GoFormz, Run Energy ditched paper, completing their forms on mobile—even in remote areas with no signal. This data could then be seamlessly synced once the technician came back online. Run Energy no longer frets over expensive data plans or completing frustrating paper forms. With the ability to work both offline in the field and online in the office, Run Energy happily reports incredible productivity and efficiency improvements. 


2. Paramount Heating & Air had experimented with mobile forms before, but learned the hard way that not all platforms are created equal. Too often Paramount technicians would lose all of their data when they had no choice but to go offline. Once implementing GoFormz, Paramount management realized just how efficient they could be with offline data capturing—enjoying benefits like increased revenue per employee and faster form processing. Not to mention, Paramount Heating & Air now has some of the highest closing rates in their industry, due to the online/offline flexibility of GoFormz.


3. Adventurers & Scientists For Conservation employs an impressive collection of athletes to gather data from hard to reach places. Nothing can stop these daring adventurers...well, except for a bad signal. ASC turned to GoFormz searching for a solution to their data limitations, needing documentation more professional than pencil to paper, but without the limitations of internet-reliant, standard mobile forms. With GoFormz, ASC adventurers can explore without the constraints of a signal, capturing data, images & GPS points in even the most remote locations. 

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