4 Reasons Your Rapidly Growing Company Should Embrace Mobile Forms

Explosive company growth is a positive, exciting result of success. Of course, rapid expansion doesn’t come without growing pains...and lots of documentation. Paperwork is a frequent hassle that corresponds with opening new locations and hiring employees, and to make matters worse, paper forms are often lost in transit, or rushed and riddled with errors. 

Team Murph, a large-scale and successful Domino's Pizza Franchise, was struggling to remain organized during their rapid increase of locations and employees. Paperwork was lost, misplaced or incomplete, resulting in time wasted and rampant confusion within management teams. After implementing GoFormz, Team Murph managed to adopt a more streamlined, effective way of collecting data from their 1,500 team members. The ability to access their forms throughout their 70 locations resulted in a decrease of time spent troubleshooting missing forms & data mishaps. Just one of the many benefits rapidly growing companies can expect from adopting mobile forms. 

Still not sold on mobile forms? Here are four more reasons your rapidly growing business should embrace the power of mobile forms:

  1. Searchability: Expanding companies are faced with the challenging task of balancing a variety of moving parts and accompanying paperwork. Often, managers don’t have the time to rifle through binders of paper forms or to skim fillable pdf’s. Keep it simple: mobile forms collect and aggregate data from each document, storing everything in a Cloud-based platform - you can even save your records to Cloud storage systems like Box. Your data and forms are easily accessible—cutting down on administrative time.
  2. Accountability: Incomplete paper forms can lead to a plethora of problems for your rapidly expanding business. With mobile forms, you can ensure you get complete, highly accurate data, with applied Conditional Logic. By ensuring specific fields must be completed before a form is submitted, the risk of overlooked data and human error is greatly reduced. 
  3. Visibility: Management can’t be everywhere at once—but mobile forms can. With the option to include Images, Sketches and Maps in your forms, managers can apply a more hands-on approach to your business’ growth, even from miles away. 
  4. Real Time Data: Paper forms and fillable PDF’s isolate your data, while mobile forms liberate your data. With real-time data, information from your mobile forms is automatically submitted and saved to our Cloud database. This means data is instantly available for you to review and interpret, allowing your team to better adapt to changes and more quickly respond to customer service inquiries and changes in the marketplace. 

Ready to level up your business operations? Click here to learn how you can create a mobile form from an existing PDF.