3 Ways Digital Signature Boxes Improve Your Workflow

Among the many benefits of digitizing your operation’s form collection is the digital Signature box. Capturing signatures via digital forms allows your team to work faster and operate self-sufficiently. 

In the days of pen and paper, signed forms would need to be hand-delivered, hand-processed and hand-filed. Such manual workflows result in wasteful delays that hinder project progress and cost your team important opportunities. So what can digital Signature boxes do to improve your workflow and help your team seize the day: 

1. Strike while the iron is hot
When a prospective customer is interested in your services don’t waste time searching for paperwork. Because mobile forms can be instantly generated on your device, you can immediately secure business with digital Signature boxes included in your forms.

2. Recall important authorizations, instantly
If a misunderstanding arises, digital Signature capture allows users to instantly locate and procure signed documents. For example, if a customer were to dispute the scope of work detailed within an electronically signed document, a user could rapidly search for the document and immediately review the details enclosed. With GoFormz, it’s easy to locate forms with Cloud storage, Automatic Tagging and search features. 

3. Turbocharge project progress and responsiveness
Rather than wait for documents to be signed and delivered, immediately begin project processing with forms signed and available in real-time.

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