Build Powerful Digital Soil Test Forms

Digital applications have transformed the agriculture industry, providing modern advantages and insights that would otherwise be unattainable. A perfect example of such digital advantages can be found within the digitization of agriculture documents and associated processing. When agriculture teams digitally transform their documents so that they can be used on mobile devices (like phones and tablets) they empower their teams to capture more accurate, timely data, while simultaneously expediting document processing — resulting in improved responsiveness, increased business agility and more detailed insights. 

A staple within agriculture forms and workflows is the Soil Test. The National Resource Conservation Service (NRCS) describes the importance of soil testing, explaining that the process “helps to identify production problems related to nutrient deficiencies or imbalances.” Because the process should be conducted every one to three years (according to the NRCS) it is important the tests are easy to reiterate so that soil production forecasts are accurate. 

Digital Soil Tests make it easy to capture important test parameters and details. Below are features to consider using within your own digital Soil Tests and how they can improve your insights and processing: 

Pre-Fill user, farm and client information
Using GoFormz to complete digital Soil Tests allows for the instant generation of user information, test parameters, farm location and client details within form fields, as soon as a Soil Test is generated. For example, as soon as a user created a new Soil Test form within the GoFormz app, their user information (e.g. name, department, contact information) and the date of the test would be pre-filled within their respective fields, instantly. 

Use drop downs to simplify the entry of digital soil test form crop codes

Similarly, using Drop Down menus pre-filled with Data Sources of customer or farm information, corresponding fields can be instantly populated in response to a user’s selection. For example, if a user were to select the name of a farm location from a Drop Down menu, the farm’s address could be immediately filled in the ‘Address’ field. This automatic function not only expedites the entry of information, but also reduces opportunities for human error or negligence (e.g. misspelled names or a forgotten contact field). 

Drop Down menus simplify accurate code entry
Soil Tests involve a large number of crop, soil and tillage codes (e.g. codes identifying what type of crop is being grown) signifying important details of the field being tested and allowing for customized recommendations regarding pH levels, nutrients and more. Using Drop Downs pre-filled with code information reduces the likelihood of user error and allows for more precise testing and recommendations.  

Checkboxes simplify the recording of test details
Has the soil been tilled? Has it been limed within the last six months? To perform an accurate, beneficial Soil Test, it is crucial the specific activities performed within a field are recorded. Using Checkboxes, indicating whether or not specific soil functions have taken place is made significantly easier and eliminates opportunities for miscommunication.

GPS data captures exact location information
It is essential Soil Test are completed in the same location each year, so that labs can accurately gage the sustainability and potential yield of specific crops. Using GPS fields, precise location information can be added with a simple tap. 

Centralized record-keeping improves form recall
Leverage Automated Workflows to instantly apply Tags to completed digital Soil Tests and store them in the Cloud. Using Tags and folders to organize your tests allows for more rapid recall of capture details and a reduction of administrative demands. 

Simplified digital Soil Test sharing
Instantly route copies of completed digital Soil Tests to supervisors, farm owners, lab techs and more, with Automated Workflows. Enabling your form to instantly send copies to predetermined users expedites the testing process, resulting in more timely insights and faster lab responses.

ProTip: Leverage GoFormz draft transfers
Easily transfer Form drafts to other users to streamline collaboration. The Form draft transfer feature is especially handy when sharing soil test details from the field, to lab teams, who can then enter lab conclusions and insights into the same form. 

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