3 Ways Tagging Forms Can Improve Your Record-Keeping

Tags can be added in the GoFormz app

Not all form solutions were created equal. Most mobile form solutions force your team to work within a rigid, inflexible platform, largely limiting record-keeping capabilities. One of the many advantages of using GoFormz is the ability to Tag, and even Auto-Tag forms

Tags provide a method for grouping forms by relevance or topic, making it easier for users to find the forms they need. For example, a Tag could be created for a specific department, project or technician. Tags can be added individually to forms, or automated via workflows. Interested in how Tags can improve your record-keeping? Here are five benefits to anticipate: 

  1. Easier and faster form recall
    Hunting through cluttered file cabinets is a waste of time (and patience). With Tags, locating your form is simple and searchable.
  2. Customer-centric records
    With dedicated customer Tags, identifying customer records is quick and easy –– improving responsiveness and client facing efficiency. 
  3. Effortless organization
    With automated Tagging, keeping your account and digital documents organized can become effortless (literally). Tags can be automatically applied to forms when they meet specific criteria (e.g. when a specific customer or company name is entered). 

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