4 Ways GoFormz Boosts Business Agility

Looking for a cutting edge? Outpace and outsmart your competition with real-time GoFormz data and simplified, insightful analysis. 

Leveraging real-time GoFormz data allows for the expedited routing of critical business information to key-players (e.g. the back office, supervisors, collaborators), other business apps and easy to generate reports. With more timely, accurate data, your operation can expect to witness increased business agility. Here’s how: 

  1. Instantaneous data leads to quick decisions
    In the days of paper forms and clipboards, field data required manual delivery to back offices and teammates, resulting in delays and stale data. With GoFormz, data collected via mobile forms is instantly available for review and analysis, resulting in more timely, competitive decision making. 
  2. Improved data accuracy allows for more reliable, consistent decision making
    Manual math, missing data and frequent redundancies lead to skewed, unreliable insights. Bolster the quality of your data via Automated Calculations, Required fields and Drop Downs, and witness more constant, dependable insights. 
  3. Automated routing and instant access encourages elevated responsiveness
    Don’t keep customers or partners waiting. With automated form routing, send completed forms as soon as they submitted. 
  4. Cloud storage and digital record-keeping allows for rapid data and form recall
    Hunting through filing cabinets wastes time. With digital record-keeping, leverage powerful organizational features (e.g. Tags) to simplify form and data recall. Using easy to implement integrations, pass your data between your preferred form or data storage platform, and simplify the implementation of previously captured data. 

A key element of improved business agility is the implementation of Automated Workflows. Automated Workflows empower GoFormz admins to structure instant, event-triggered actions, to streamline the completion of daily tasks. For example, if a technician needed to frequently send completed forms to a specific supervisor, an Automated Workflow could complete this task, based on a specific form and technician.