ProTip Basics: Making a Form Field Required

One surefire way to ensure data accuracy and form completion is to make crucial fields Required — guaranteeing vital information is entered before a form is “turned in”. To leverage this powerful field, follow these simple steps:

Select Yes to make your field required

1. Once you’ve added your form field, locate the Field Properties window on the right hand side of the Template Editor window. 

2. Select the Required property, and select [YES] in the drop down. 

3. If you’d like to change the background color to indicate the field is mandatory, change the color hex in the Background property below. 

4. Hit [Save].

Now, when users attempt to complete a form without entering data into Required fields, a dialogue box will appear alerting them they have not completed the necessary field(s). This is a great way to ensure forms are properly filled out, reducing the administrative burden caused by incomplete forms.