4 Ways to Win With Our Office 365 Integration

Connecting your mobile forms to your other business applications allows data to flow throughout the entirety of your operation, in real-time – increasing communication, improving insights, and streamlining data processing. The GoFormz and Office 365 integration empowers users to further optimize their data collection and routing, via dynamic record-keeping and database workflows.

Here are some of the most powerful ways to leverage the GoFormz and Office 365 integration:

Dynamically route completed mobile forms to OneDrive folders
Completed mobile forms can be instantly saved to OneDrive folders, specific to input data. For example, a completed Work Order for ‘Pete’s Towing’ could be routed to a corresponding ‘Pete’s Towing’ OneDrive folder, based on data entered into a ‘Company Name’ field. Similarly, if a OneDrive folder did not already exist for ‘Pete’s Towing’, a folder could be created for the new value entered into the ‘Company Name’ field. This workflow not only eliminates the need for manual form delivery, but also wasteful administrative tasks like rekeying data or scanning forms into third party systems.

GoFormz Workflows on apple desktop monitor, with Office 365 logos over gradient

Save form Images to unique OneDrive folders
Images can also be directly routed to corresponding OneDrive folders. Using our previous example, Images captured within a Work Order for ‘Pete’s Towing’ can be instantly uploaded to an ‘Images’ subfolder, within the ‘Pete’s Towing’ OneDrive folder.

Add a row of data to an Excel sheet
Data collected within mobile forms can be used to immediately update and add data to Excel spreadsheet cells. For example, data entered into an Inventory form could be instantaneously added to an Excel Inventory spreadsheet, adding values within ‘SKU’, ‘Price’, ‘Quantity’, and ‘Product Name’ cells.

Dynamically update Power BI reports
Captured data can also be immediately applied to Power BI reports, allowing your team to visualize your data collections instantly. This instant analysis results in increased visibility across your operation, as well as more accurate and timely insights.

To learn more about integrating your mobile forms with Office 365, contact Professional Services. To discover more ways utilize Automatic Workflows, check out our guide to getting started with GoFormz Workflows here.