Getting Started with GoFormz Workflows

GoFormz Workflows are the recipe-driven automations that process incoming data and move it between GoFormz and your business systems, in real-time. Workflows streamline data collection and communication, with mobile forms acting as a frontend to your operation’s data capture – eliminating manual data entry obstacles, automating custom record-keeping and dispatch, and increasing data accuracy. To get started with GoFormz Workflows, check out the quick video guides, use cases, and integration features below.

FAQ: What are GoFormz Workflows?

GoFormz Workflows Use Cases

1. Completed forms and images can be instantly routed to a dynamically created folder hierarchy within your cloud storage, maintaining an orderly digital filing cabinet for your documents.

2. Collected data can be instantly piped to your business systems and apps, creating and updating records in those apps as needed.

3. Forward data to a database, where it can be used however you want. For instance, you can connect a business intelligence tool to that database and use it to gain insights from the collected data. An Automated Workflow can also be used to update or insert captured via mobile forms, into connected databases.

4. Automate mobile form routing to specific teammates, customers, and integrated apps, using form data to dynamically choose each form’s destination.

…and so many more!

FAQ: How do GoFormz Workflows work?

Now that you’ve familiarized yourself with the basics of GoFormz workflows, check out some of the powerful integrations and automations your team can utilize:

The Box integration
Instantly save completed forms to specific Box folders, even within folder hierarchies (e.g. sub-folders), centralizing form storage and improving form search capabilities. The Box integration also allows for the creation of Metadata Templates, which allow users to associate fields within mobile forms to fields within a Box PDF, allowing your team to run more detailed reports. See how GoFormz and are empowering humanitarian team efforts here.

The Salesforce integration
Automatically update Salesforce records with real-time data and images. Forms can even be pre-filled with Salesforce data and instantly dispatched to teams in the field, accelerating form completion and eliminating the need to re-enter data. Learn more about our Salesforce integration here.

The Google Suite integration
Our integration with Google Suite allows GoFormz users to upload completed forms to Google Drive, instantly update Google Sheets with form data, and even leverage Google Sheets data when filling out forms. Learn more about the Google Suite integration here.

The Procore integration
Using the Procore integration, your team can rapidly streamline the sharing of highly accurate, real-time data, while expediting form completion. Dispatch forms pre-filled with Procore data to teams in the field, and instantly update Procore records with captured project data and create new objects. Learn more about our Procore integration here.

The Smartsheet integration
Streamline and automate the collection and management of project data with the Smartsheet integration. With GoFormz and Smartsheet, instantly update and create rows within a Sheet using mobile form data, and even attach form Images, form PDF copies and more. Data collected with a single GoFormz form can update multiple Sheets and an individual form field can update several fields across a Sheet. Learn more about the Smartsheet integration here (or read this customer case study to learn how real users are leveraging the integration).

The BIM 360 integration
Instantly save completed forms to corresponding BIM 360 records, as well as upload job site Images, and more. Leveraging an Automated Workflow, new project RFIs can be instantly initiated and filled with form data, with a PDF of the original form attached. Learn more about the BIM 360 integration here.

The PlanGrid integration
With the PlanGrid integration, instantly store forms within corresponding PlanGrid projects, upload new data types (like Sketches and Images), and increase the accuracy of data through form logic. Learn more about the PlanGrid integration here.

We have many more existing integrations that can be leveraged when creating workflows, and a Professional Services team that can add new custom integrations. To learn more about GoFormz Workflows, check out our overview video or contact your account manager.