Customer Story: NTL Pipelines

Even if we’re saving just an hour of productive time per day, per person… that’s a potential $20,000 a day in savings.
— Jared Holmquist, CEO, NTL Pipelines

About NTL Pipelines
NTL Pipelines has provided pipeline and facility infrastructure planning, estimates, and construction for over 30 years to Western Canada. NTL Pipelines is committed to prioritizing safety and environmental consciousness, while providing quality, budget-aware services to their clients.

NTL Pipelines uses mobile forms to complete a pipeline project, laying blue pipe in an open field

NTL Pipelines needed a more efficient means of collecting data on job sites and delivering it to the office for processing and review. With teams working in remote areas, NTL Pipelines needed a digital solution that would be both fully functional offline, and easy for their teams to learn to use.

NTL Pipelines used GoFormz to digitize their forms, routing, and record-keeping. Leveraging Automated Workflows and the Box integration, NTL’s completed forms can now be instantly routed to supervisors for review and authorization, and centrally stored within Box folders. Mobile forms can be completed offline, with data uploaded and immediately accessible once a signal becomes available – expediting data processing and simplifying data collection for mobile teams and drivers.


  • Data can be collected offline, from remote job sites

  • An integration to centralizes and automates record-keeping

  • Real-time data and Cloud storage expedite access to field data

  • Automated form routing streamlines approvals and authorizations

  • Reporting leads to increased operational insights and simplified trend mapping

  • More complete field data

  • Considerable time and budget savings

  • Roughly $20,000 in daily savings due to an hour saved per person per day for field personnel

  • Three to four hours saved per incident report

Forms used

  • Incident Investigation forms

  • Various Inspection forms

  • Bill of Ladings

  • Daily Safety forms

  • Mechanic Work Orders

  • Truck Inspections

  • Onboarding Forms Sign-On forms

  • Wildlife Sightings and Environmental Reports

  • ERP Drills

  • Equipment Cleaning and Certification forms

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