5 Easy Ways to Improve Inventory With GoFormz

Quantifying and recording inventory… a necessary but daunting task. 

The concept is fairly straightforward: record assets, (if necessary) note their condition and identify discrepancies. So how can such a seemingly simple assignment become so chaotic and convoluted? In an ideal world, recording asset quantities would be as simple as counting. However, when you factor in the mass quantities of goods handled by retailers, the frequent errors of manual math and the slow, tedious requirements of inventory paperwork, it’s easy to understand how inventory can quickly become an unwelcome chore. 

Fortunately, with GoFormz, inventory can be completed efficiently, accurately and reviewed instantly. Here’s how: 

  1. Simplify the collection of product details with Barcode Scanning
    Why hand-record product information when you can simply scan a barcode? With Barcode Scanning users can leverage their device’s camera to scan product codes and instantly populate asset information — saving significant time and reducing errors. 
  2. Eliminate human error with Automated Calculations
    Scribbling manual arithmetic in the margins of inventory forms rarely leads to completely accurate math. Using GoFormz, users can leverage Automated Calculations to perform mathematical functions instantly and accurately. 
  3. Streamline communications with Automated Routing
    Instantly route completed mobile inventory forms to supervisors, office personnel and more, with Automated Routing. You can even enable additional fields (like Checkboxes) to trigger form copies to be emailed to additional recipients if damaged or missing inventory is recorded. 
  4. Add context with Image fields
    With just a few taps you can easily capture and include photos of damaged products and other inventory issues, with Image fields. 
  5. Identify opportunities and improve responsiveness with real-time data and reporting
    Rapidly pinpoint trends with custom, real-time and scheduled reporting. 

For more ideas of how GoFormz can improve your daily forms and tasks, explore our Starter Forms gallery (our collection of Templates free for you to use as soon as you sign up for a GoFormz account). Click the button below to check out our collection.