[Customer Story] GoFormz for Energy: Vestas

…We were saving over $100K a year, just by switching to GoFormz.
— Tony Tharp, Senior Technical Support Technician
GoFormz for Wind Energy

Vestas provides sustainable energy solutions, “designing, manufacturing, installing and servicing wind turbines” to 79 countries.

With over 23,000 employees, Vestas has positioned itself as an industry leader by harnessing collected data to “interpret, forecast, and exploit wind resources and deliver best-in-class wind power solutions”. Vestas’ reliance on the accuracy of their collected field data inspired their pursuit of a more reliable and secure data capture platform.

Needed a digital solution to the time consuming, manual processing of approximately 200 paper forms a day –– without risking data loss.

Implemented GoFormz to simplify and expedite data capture, while significantly reducing time and administrative manpower spent processing and organizing completed documents.


  • Dramatically reduced time and manpower spent processing forms and data

  • Eliminated opportunities for data loss

  • Streamlined capture of new data types, like Barcodes and Images

  • Can now complete digitized forms in areas with no signal (offline)

  • Improved visibility into offsite user progress and accuracy


  • Inspection Forms

  • Equipment Preventative Maintenance Forms

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