5 Mobile Forms Case Studies for Subcontractors

Mobile forms are a fantastic way to jumpstart the modernization of your job site. GoFormz subcontracting customers have achieved incredible improvements from field to office, via digital data capture, offline capabilities, and seamless automations. Check out some of their stories below, to learn how mobile forms can optimize your job site documentation, collaboration, and productivity.

[Electrical Utility Contractors] ARC American and the Smartsheet integration

The challenge: ARC American initially needed a digital solution to replace their lengthy and unorganized ‘Unit Sheet’ documentation process, centralize their documentation, and streamline their payroll processing.

The solution: Leveraging the GoFormz and Smartsheet integration, ARC American digitized their forms collection for use on phones and tablets. Data is passed from ARC American’s Smartsheet sheets to their GoFormz mobile forms, expediting form completion and improving accuracy. Once a form is completed, a PDF copy can be attached to a corresponding Smartsheet row, which simplifies project management and centralizes documentation. This expedited process has led to incredible improvements in billing efficiencies, enabling ARC American teams to finish the work they would normally complete in a week, in just one day.

Read the full ARC American case study here

DESHAZO crane manufacturers work on job site with yellow bridge crane

[Crane Manufacturing] DESHAZO captures new data types & standardizes documents

...we want those service tickets, those inspection reports, those deliverables to be consistent across the board at each of our customer facilities, we weren’t able to do that with paper-based, locally printed forms.

The challenge: DESHAZO needed to digitize their paper-based forms in order to better capture onsite details with new data types. The mobile nature of DESHAZO’s team made working with paper forms complicated, as forms needed to be completed at heights and failed to incorporate visual fields, like images. Additionally, as DESHAZO’s team experienced rapid growth, they began to notice inconsistencies across their forms from location to location.

The solution: The DESHAZO team digitized their forms with GoFormz, allowing them to include contextual, visual data (like Images) in their documents, and to better consolidate all of their forms collection. Using GoFormz Templates, DESHAZO has eliminated opportunities for form irregularities, resulting in an accessible and standardized forms collection.

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[Concrete Producers] SiteMix and the Dropbox integration

GoFormz takes so much work off of our administrators, and eliminating the paper forms saves us thousands of dollars. GoFormz easily saves me 50-75 hours per month that would otherwise be spent just on office personnel tasks.

The challenge: SiteMix originally relied on handwritten paper delivery tickets, to track each service job and delivery. These tickets often had incomplete or missing data, needed to be physically handed in, and required hours of manual review each day. Tickets not only needed to be accounted for, but also required the SiteMix team to check each calculation and total, to ensure accuracy. This process was wasteful, time consuming, and unsustainable, for the SiteMix team.

The solution: Before implementing GoFormz, many of the solutions that SiteMix initially reviewed were far too expensive ($10,000+), too complex to setup, or both. Fortunately, with GoFormz, the SiteMix team quickly transformed their paper delivery tickets into forms that his drivers could fill out on tablets and phones at delivery sites. Using Automatic Calculations that instantly tally correct totals for billing and time values, the GoFormz solution made SiteMix’s delivery tickets more accurate and faster to fill out. Conditional logic enforces that information is always complete, and basic rules like “All Caps” ensures tickets automatically follow industry-standard formatting. These automations have resulted in incredible time savings, allowing the SiteMix team to streamline their ticket processing and record-keeping, without needing to hire a full time, back-office admin.

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Oldcastle engineer inspects quality control process with white hard hat and ipad

[Supply Manufacturer] Oldcastle improves quality control & stores forms in Box

GoFormz makes our quality control process simpler and smoother. Our production workers are actually completing the required documentation on time, and we’re able to use the data to save costs.

The challenge: Before GoFormz, Oldcastle required workers to complete a 17-page document to manage quality on every bathroom produced. With 12-15 bathrooms produced daily, the paperwork quickly overwhelmed the factory workers. In addition, forms weren’t customized for each project, and many checkpoints didn’t apply to certain projects. This resulted in many incomplete quality control forms and processes, causing thousands of quality control pages to pile up.

The solution: With GoFormz, Oldcastle can create customized quality control forms for each bathroom produced, making it easy for factory workers to input production data from a mobile device, right on the factory floor. To ensure that all documentation gets produced on time, workers can’t move to the next project phase until the quality control manager approves the form. Additionally, photos of each phase of the project are included with the form, so the customer can see the condition of the bathroom before and after it ships. Completed forms are then stored in Box, leveraging the GoFormz and Box integration.

Using data collected via GoFormz during the quality control process, Oldcastle identified a major redundancy in their final phase of production. Addressing this redundancy, Oldcastle now saves $500K annually with their new process.

Quality control is only as good as the participants, and GoFormz empowers our factory floor to give us insight that saves costs.

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[Electrical Contractors] Ferry Electric eliminates manual form hand-ins

Instead of having to learn a whole new device and how to fill out the form, it removed that second learning curve. They only really had to learn how to do it digitally, they already knew the form, they knew everything they needed to fill out… versus GoCanvas, where everything looked different, all the info was presented differently.

The challenge: Ferry Electric Company field technicians were burdened with a variety of documents that required manual data entry and hand-ins (sometimes even mailed in!). With a workforce divided between the office and numerous job sites, the company sought out a digital solution to improve communication between locations, and streamline data collection and delivery.

The solution: With GoFormz, field technicians can now complete and instantly submit documents from their iPads within a familiar user interface (identical to their original paper forms). Completed documents are now instantly routed to relevant team members, keeping each department informed, productive and responsive. The Ferry Electric Company team is now enjoying their digitally earned efficiency and resulting time savings: “We save about 63 hours a week on form completion, preventing miscommunication, limiting phone conversations, and order assistance. On top of those hours, we save about 1-2 business days by electronically sending completed forms immediately in place of delivering or mailing them from the field to the office.”

Read the full Ferry Electric case study here

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