How ARC American Drives Efficiency With the GoFormz and Smartsheet Integration

The GoFormz and Smartsheet integration presents teams with countless opportunities to streamline project management.

Integrating your GoFormz mobile forms with Smartsheet enables your team to instantly update and create rows within a Smartsheet Sheet, with highly accurate form data. Sheets can also be updated with attached form Images, form PDF copies, and more. This integration seamlessly centralizes project data collection and ensures data is pre-process and accurate, prior to reaching Smartsheet.

ARC American technician uses GoFormz mobile forms on his iPad while wearing a hard hat

ARC American, an electrical utility contractor, relies on the GoFormz and Smartsheet integration to track expenditures in real-time, while streamlining data capture and document management.

Check out the use cases below to learn how ARC American drives efficiency across their operation, using the GoFormz and Smartsheet integration:

Use case: Real-time data capture with GoFormz
Before GoFormz, ARC American’s Unit Sheets – used to document the installation of electrical infrastructure – was lengthy and cumbersome, resulting in lost data and frequent miscommunications. Using GoFormz, ARC American digitized their Unit Sheets for use on tablets, phones and computers, reducing administrative overhead, increasing accuracy, and expediting data collection. ARC American now also has the ability to instantly attach a PDF of a submitted GoFormz mobile form to a corresponding Smartsheet row – allowing for the optimization of project and document management.

Use case: Smartsheet as a data source
Leveraging the GoFormz and Smartsheet integration, data can be passed from Smartsheet Sheets to GoFormz mobile forms. Using Smartsheet as a source of data, ARC American’s mobile forms can now be pre-filled with the most up to date project data, further elevating accuracy and accelerating form completion.

Documents aren’t lost anymore. Any documents pertaining to a specific job can be automatically associated with the job row in Smartsheet.
— Cesar Leon, Systems Administrator, ARC American

To learn more about the Smartsheet integration, check out our integration overview blog, read the full case study, or contact your account manager.