5 Ways GoFormz Improves Your Business

Goformz digitally transforms your business

When you think of ‘GoFormz’, Mobile Forms are most likely what comes to mind. Although we love our paperless forte, here at GoFormz, we strive to do more than just promote our paper-free agenda — aiming to improve the worklife of our clients in a variety of ways. 
Interested in digitally transforming every inch of your operation? Stick with us for improved efficiencies, time savings, and more. Here are 5 ways GoFormz will change your business (for the better):

  1. Improve customer perception & satisfaction
    Coffee-stained documents, stacks of paper and time-consuming recordkeeping is less than impressive. Win over prospective and current clients with professional, digital documents and rapidly accessible data. Instantly route copies of completed documents to customers, and quickly procure past documents using GoFormz organizational features like Tags. Secure potential business with instantly generated project proposals, contracts and work orders (outpacing potential competitors, and striking while the iron’s hot).

     Customer Examples: 
    “Only GoFormz gave us the features we needed for our sales reps to automatically calculate a customer's’ savings AND generate a professional-looking proposal they could sign right then and there.”
    — Pete Wayne, Director of IT and Finance, Oscar W. Larson
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    "This wasn’t just a solution that made our data more organized, it's a huge marketing tool -  few companies in our industry have a digital form system like this. When we pitch our clients, it makes us look better and more professional than anyone else. We can give our clients access to our forms instantly and they can track their progress more."
    — Anthony Krake, Environmental Safety and Quality Management, Alpine
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  2.  Open your business to integration potential
    What good is your data if it’s stuck in a filing cabinet? Unlock your operation’s potential with powerful GoFormz integrations (e.g. ServiceMax). Craft a constant current of data between your GoFormz mobile forms and critical business systems — empowering your team to work faster, and more accurately.

    Customer Example: 
    “Everything I need to do is done from GoFormz through Zapier, making my life simple.” — Bill Brown, President, Paramount Heating & Air
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  3.  Optimize workflow efficiencies (without upheaving your current process) 
    Using GoFormz, improve your operation’s workflows with data gathered from across your account. With access to real-time data, pinpoint subtle, impactful trends to easily optimize your organization’s process, without needing to completely restructure your organization’s documentation process. 

    Customer Example: 
    “We gained efficiencies in the field by 15% because we can now deliver documents right away to our customers. Which led to our customer satisfaction increasing” — Perttu Immonen, Business System Manager, Inspecta
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  4.  Easily monitor & manage mobile teams
    As your workforce and business grows, it can be difficult to track team productivity and effectiveness… especially when that team is mobile. GoFormz improves management’s visibility into everyday operations — monitor team member effectiveness and mobile workforce workflows through features like GPS data, visual fields (like Images and Sketches) and instantly available submitted data. 

    Customer Example: 
    “Run Energy has around 180 technicians spread all over the U.S. On any given day, we are tracking and monitoring all of the work performed as well as all safety and quality related documentation.”
    — Anders Pedersen, VP of Operations, Run Energy
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  5.  Increase business agility with real-time data
    With GoFormz, decrease productivity stumbling blocks with simple logic and instantaneous data. Immediately access submitted data for real-time analysis and decision making (keeping your one step ahead of competition and/or operational complications). 

    Customer Example: 
    “With GoFormz, we’ve achieved real-time billing. As a result, we’ve significantly improved our cash flow and increased our billing effectiveness.”
    — Andy Van Slett, Global Director of Service, Avanti
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