ProTip: How to Use Multi-Select When Building Templates

Building mobile Form Templates just got a whole lot easier thanks to the new GoFormz Multi-Select feature! This new tool allows users to select multiple fields at the same time, to do grouped actions like move them around on the template or mass delete them. Performing this function is simple, just follow the steps below.

Multi-Select on a Mac
To multi-select fields on an Apple computer:

  1.  Hold down the [Command] key on your keyboard
  2. While holding down the [Command] key, use your mouse to click on the specific fields you want to select
  3. Once you have selected your desired fields, you can let go of the [Command] key and just simply click and drag the fields  

If done correctly, the fields you have selected will have dashed outlines to signify they have been chosen:

A dashed outline will signify the selected fields.

To deselect a field from the group, simply hold down the [Command] again and click on the specific field(s) you no longer want selected.

To deselect all currently selected fields, just click away on an empty spot on your template (or on a field currently not selected) while not holding the [Command] key.

Multi-Select on Windows
Selecting multiple fields on a Windows computer is the same as on a Mac, except that you use the [Control] key instead of the [Command] key.