From Procore's Jobsite: 7 Construction Tech Trends to Watch in 2019

With every new year comes a wave of emerging trends with the potential to disrupt and transform the entirety of the construction industry. Exciting, right? This fresh array of opportunities may initially feel overwhelming, but with each crop of tech and strategy comes new exciting ways to optimize your team’s efficiency, collaboration and innovation.

To help your team identify the tech trends to prioritize this year, Procore’s Jobsite team has compiled a list of the ‘7 Construction Tech Trends to Watch in 2019’. This insightful roundup highlights each exciting industry advancement and why your team should consider giving the technology a try, including:

  • Robotics

  • Autonomous Machinery

  • Blockchain

  • Cloud-Based Construction Software (like GoFormz!)

  • Virtual & Augmented Reality

  • Building Information Modeling

  • Drones

Ready to embrace the future? Read the full roundup of ‘tech trends to watch’ here.