5 Ways to Level-Up Your Construction Bidding with Mobile Forms

In the competitive world of construction, presenting prospective clients with professional, compelling proposals is of the utmost importance. Unfortunately, when relying on paper forms to communicate a project’s scope and figures, critical details are often miscommunicated due to human error, missing data and slow processing times. These obstacles are unprofessional and costly, hindering a business’ ability to secure and retain business.

By digitizing your forms collection, a vast majority of the obstacles presented by manual data collection can be easily remedied. For example, digital build proposals can be completed without fear of illegible handwriting, coffee spills or weather damage. Implementing mobile forms and digital data collection within your bidding process grants your team endless advantages. Here are five ways mobile forms will level-up your contraction build bidding:

  1. Strike while the iron’s hot
    Don’t leave new business waiting – instantly generate quotes, bids, proposals and contracts on your mobile device, as soon as a customer is interested. No visits to the back-office required.

  2. Standardized, professional digital proposals
    Present your clients with highly professional mobile forms that can look exactly like your existing forms collection. This means that repeat customers remain familiar with your forms, while benefiting from digital features. Using mobile forms also allows your team to more easily standardize form Templates, simplifying work with large businesses and government agencies.

  3. Provide highly accurate figures
    Leveraging Automatic Calculations, ensure every estimate and bid is highly accurate and rapidly available. This means that rather than returning to the back-office to complete manual math, calculations can be run on the spot and instantly presented to a prospective customer.

  4. Digitally collect authorizations
    With digital Signatures, instantly capture bid approvals and supervisors authorizations, from the field.

  5. Automate sharing to provide unmatched transparency and communication, from day one
    Impress your customers with prompt communication and unmatched accountability, via Automated Workflows. Automating the sharing of form copies with customers allows your team to focus on getting the job done, rather than paperwork and deliveries. For example, if a team utilizing Automated Workflows completed a quote onsite with a prospective customer, a PDF copy of the completed quote could be automatically emailed to the input customer email. Communicating at the speed of digital helps keep your clients informed and happy.

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