Customer Success Story: Crux Subsurface Inc.

GoFormz was the easiest way to build the templates using our original forms, without having to rebuild an entire form system. Anybody can build a form, you don’t need any programming knowledge.
— Gary Ramsey, Specialty Asset Manager, Crux Subsurface Inc.

About Crux
Crux Subsurface Inc. is a “geotechnical exploration and construction firm”, which provides contract engineering and drilling services to some of the most challenging exploration and construction projects in North America. Crux Subsurface Inc. has taken on many landmark projects, including the Hoover Dam Bypass, and offers services like helicopter support and customized drilling.

Crux Subsurface mobile forms case study - geotechnical engineering and construction

Crux Subsurface Inc., specializes in completing challenging engineering and drilling services. These projects entail the use of critical equipment and transportation (e.g. helicopters) on job sites, which necessitates that various safety and procedural documentation be completed daily. The Crux Subsurface team needed to identify a solution that would host their variety of forms (from Job Site Briefings to Equipment Inspections).

Crux digitized their daily forms, inspections and static documentation to better communicate job-specific procedures and streamline the collection of field data from remote areas. 


  • Increase in job site transparency

  • Documentation and sharing of job-specific procedures now streamlined

  • Images and Sketches now directly embedded in forms

  • Ability to work offline in remote areas

  • 50% time savings in paperwork, delivery and processing