[Customer Story] Icenhower Oil & Gas

Our communication from our business here at the corporate office, to out there in the field is now instant. Previously it may have taken three to four hours to get to that employee to make corrections to any field ticket.
— David Martin, VP of Human Resources & Safety

Challenge: Icenhower Oil & Gas needed a solution that would allow their field teams to complete job site tickets and digitally route them in a timely manner. Their original paper tickets often took significant amounts of time to get to the office, causing delays in invoicing and customer payments.

Solution: Icenhower Oil & Gas implemented GoFormz to digitize their field tickets and automatically route completed tickets to the back-office, for immediate processing and invoicing.


  • Improved invoicing and timely ticket submission expedites billing cycle

  • Increased responsiveness and more accessible data streamlines field-to-office communication

  • More legible and accurate ticket information facilitates back-office ticket processing

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