4 Ways Mobile Forms Will Modernize Your Landscaping Business

Managing a landscaping team requires stellar service, attention to detail and frequent communication with clients and colleagues. Balancing these variety of tasks can be daunting when relying on analog resources, like paper forms, to record and deliver important project data. Paper forms, an outdated yet common tool in landscaping and other service industries, present frequent opportunities for data loss. This includes forms damaged by the elements, lost in transport, incorrectly completed and more.

Adding to these issues is the cumbersome, inefficient nature of paper forms. Paper landscaping documents require not only transport (requiring binders, fuel and additional resources) and hand-delivery, but also physical storage and extensive record-keeping. Thus, paper forms are not only time consuming, but also extremely expensive.

Fortunately, many landscaping teams have turned to mobile forms to address the many obstacles presented by paper forms. Using digital versions of their existing paper forms, business owners and managers can present their teams with a more efficient means of data capture, that looks exactly like the forms they know. These mobile landscaping forms empower your team to work more efficiently and accurately, while modernizing the entirety of your operation with real-time data and automated features.

Here’s how mobile forms will digitally transform your landscaping or vegetation management business:

Enhanced customer service
Present your clients with professional, digital forms, free of weather damage or illegible handwriting. Leveraging Automated Workflows, copies of your mobile forms can be instantly routed to clients once completed. This instantaneous feature not only improves accountability, but also effortlessly increases and improves communication between service teams and your customers. Your mobile landscaping forms can also feature visual fields, like Images, which provide your customers with visuals of work completed.

GoFormz is something that the customers see, they know when we were there, they get a form every time. It’s something they appreciate. We get great feedback from our customers when we started [using GoFormz].

GoFormz is something that the customers see, they know when we were there, they get a form every time. It’s something they appreciate. We get great feedback from our customers when we started [using GoFormz].
— Tyler Spears, Technology Consultant, Millennium Nursery

Increased efficiency & business agility
Mobile landscaping forms help your team work and respond to incidents or opportunities faster. Digital forms pre-filled with company, customer or project information, can be easily dispatched to field teams, expediting the completion of forms on-site. The ability to instantly dispatch documents or generate forms in the field also enables your team to ‘strike while the iron is hot’, presenting prospective clients with detailed, highly accurate landscaping proposals, quotes and contracts and capture Signatures digitally.

Similarly, back-office teams can more quickly respond to developing service issues or new opportunities. This is made possible via real-time access to submitted field data. Once a form is completed, back-office personnel can instantly access, process and review captured data. Forms can even be completed offline, in remote areas with no mobile coverage, and synced to the Cloud once a signal becomes available. With rapid access to submitted field data, teams can not only increase their business agility, but also eliminate the need for manual form delivery – allowing field teams to spend less time delivering paperwork and more time focusing on customers and projects.

Improved service insights
Mobile forms provide a constant current of highly accurate data, allowing your operation to gather more compelling, meaningful insights. With detailed Reporting and an increase in data, business management can better monitor provided services and identify opportunities for improvement.

An increase in field team transparency also enables back-office personnel to make more informed, impactful decisions regarding services. Leveraging new data types like Images and GPS, mobile landscaping forms can provide further insight into service team processes.

Centralized record-keeping
Mobile landscaping forms also provide an opportunity to make forms and information more accessible. Digital forms can be instantly generated from mobile devices and dispatched to field teams, and easily recalled once completed. This is made possible via Cloud storage and organizational tools like Tags. Tags, which label forms with customizable keywords for simplified search-ability, can be automatically added to forms once completed. This means forms can be instantly Tagged with a customer name, supervisor’s name, location and more.

Forms can also be instantly routed to other business applications, like ServiceMax, Salesforce and more. Via seamless integrations to other platforms, mobile forms can enrich your entire operation with real-time data.

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