3 Ways Mobile Forms Modernize Your Food Franchise

Operating a food franchise, especially those that span several locations, requires efficiency, clear communication and the ability to monitor and maintain health and service expectations. Using paper forms within your franchise makes meeting these standards difficult, due to the slow, inaccurate nature of paper-based data collection. Paper forms not only introduce opportunities for human error, but also take significantly longer to complete, deliver and process.

Introducing mobile forms to your food franchise results in a variety of digital advantages to help your team work smarter. Here are three ways mobile forms will help modernize your food franchise:

  1. Real-time data collection
    Waiting on the collection and delivery of paper forms results in detrimental delays and stale data. Leveraging mobile versions of your franchise forms (for example, forms like Food Safety Checklists or Timesheets) makes collected data instantly available for processing and review. This constant current of timely data means your team can respond to obstacles and opportunities faster, increasing business agility and helping management monitor operations more precisely.

  2. Visual fields
    Mobile forms help franchise management teams gain better insight into their various locations. One of the more powerful ways this insight is achieved is through new data types, like Images, Sketches, Barcodes and Maps. Because forms are completed on mobile devices (like phones, tablets and computers) form fillers can instantly add Images to highlight franchise cleanliness, hazards, progress and more. With Maps and GPS data, forms can capture a franchise’s precise location, with simply a tap. Finally, Barcode Scanning allows franchise teams to rapidly complete projects like inventory. When a Barcode is scanned, associated form fields can be instantly populated with Data Source information – improving accuracy and expediting form completion.

  3. Set-and-forget automations
    Using digital versions of your franchise forms also helps your team complete tasks more efficiently and thoroughly. With set-and-forget automations, form actions (like transferring forms to other users or auto-uploading completed forms to Cloud apps like Box) are completed instantly, without adding to your team’s to do list.

Mobile forms have helped thousands of users work smarter, faster and more accurately. To learn more about modernizing your franchise with GoFormz, check out our Team Murph (a Domino’s Pizza franchise) mobile forms success story here.