Customer Story: ARC American and The Smartsheet Integration

Industry: Field Service
Customer Since: February 2017
Forms: Unit Sheets, Timesheet, Work Orders, Time & Equipment, Payroll forms, Safety forms

About ARC American: ARC American Inc. is an electrical utility contractor that “specializes in the installation, maintenance, and restoration efforts of all facets” of electrical facilities. These efforts include storm repairs and restoration. ARC American works “with integrity, to meet the needs of our customers, to be a great place to work, to be part of a trade that we are passionate about...”

Challenge: ARC American initially needed a digital solution to replace their lengthy and unorganized ‘Unit Sheet’ documentation process, centralize their documentation, and streamline their payroll processing.

Solution: Leveraging the GoFormz and Smartsheet integration, ARC American digitized their forms collection for use on phones and tablets. These GoFormz-powered digital forms are connected to ARC American’s Smartsheet account. Data is passed from ARC American’s Smartsheet sheets to their GoFormz mobile forms, expediting form completion and improving accuracy. Once a form is completed, a PDF copy can be attached to a corresponding Smartsheet row, which simplifies project management and centralizes documentation.

ARC American leverages the Smartsheet integration to streamline and centralize project management


  • Achieved significant billing efficiency improvements (can now process in a day what used to take a week)

  • Centralized, digital record-keeping and project management

  • Increased accountability and operational visibility

  • Improved data entry accuracy and efficiency via pre-populated fields

  • More legible and complete forms

  • Project information readily available in forms, saving significant amounts of time

About the Smartsheet Integration: Integrating your GoFormz mobile forms with Smartsheet allows teams to instantly update and create rows within a Sheet directly from their mobile device — as well as attach form Images, form PDF copies and more. Forms can even be dispatched to teams in the field, pre-filled with Smartsheet data.

To read the full ARC American case study, and learn more about how they leverage the GoFormz-Smartsheet integration, check out the full case study here.